Son of Poseiden --- 4”flowers.  28”scapes.  Midseason.  Evergreen.
Recurrent.  A rose mauve flower with a washed blue violet eye surrounding a
deep green throat.  Form is very full and open. Well branched scapes.  Fertile,
has been a very good parent.
Stylish Elf --- 4”flower.  26”scapes. Midseason. Semi-evergreen. Recurrent.  A
pale ivory pink flower with a washed lavender eye that is surrounded by a darker
magenta edge.  Yellow green throat.  Petals carry a fine edge of magenta and
cream.  Smooth substance.  Well branched scapes.  Fertile.  
Wandering Wizard --- 3”flowers.  28:”scapes. Early midseason.  Semi-
evergreen.  Recurrent.  A pale lavender cream flower with a dark violet plum eye
and a tiny green heart.  Form is very round, full and overlapped.  Petal edges
carry a fine plum magenta edge.  Well branched scapes carry multiple blooms.  
A beautiful little flower.  Fertile.
Carbon Copy --- 3¾”flowers.  25”scapes.  Midseason. Evergreen Recurrent.  A
lavender purple flower with a slate purple eye and a hint of cream white to the
petal and sepal edges.  Form is full and round.  Well branched scapes.  Fertile.
Wish In One Hand --- 4”flowers.  26”scapes.  Midseason.  Evergreen.
Recurrent.  A pale lavender pink flower with a washed lavender purple and
magenta eye that has multiple layers.  Throat is large, triangular and yellow
green. Sepal pattern echoes the eye.  Form is wide and full.  Well branched
scapes.  Fertile.